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The recording process for this EP was an exciting experience and a labor of joy. I hope this music inspires you and blesses you. I hope that the love of Christ visits you and that you find your way in His life.

God bless you all,


released January 28, 2013

All Songs Written and Performed by Jacques Guidry. All songs recorded, mixed, and mastered by Daniel WIninger. The Wretched Valley Hymnal is Jacques Guidry and Andrea Carroll.

"There Will Come A Day"
Bass, drums, vocals, tambourine, and guitars by Jacques Guidry. Sleigh bells and glockenspiel by Daniel WIninger.

"The Cold Dark World (Live)"
Guitar and vocals by Jacques Guidry.

"Twisted Branches"
Drums, guitars, lead vocals, and claps by Jacques Guidry. Bass, string arrangements, harmony vocals and claps by Andrea Carroll. Claps by Daniel Wininger.

"Backwoods Instrumental"
Guitars by Jacques Guidry.

Thank you so much to DANIEL WININGER! He was awesome to work with and he made the recording process enjoyable. I was glad to have worked with him. He is an awesome engineer and I recommend him to everyone and anyone.

Thank you so much to ANDREA CARROLL! She is my musical collaborator and bandmate. Her work in "Twisted Branches" showcases her talent as a world class musician.



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Ghost Feather Austin, Texas

Hello everyone.
I am a singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. I love writing music, recording, and playing live. I hope you enjoy my music, and I hope that it touches you. I also play with my band The Wretched Valley Hymnal.

Contact me in this email:

God bless you,
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Track Name: There Will Come A Day
Let's try to keep our heads straight
Let's try to put emotions aside
The waves of the oceans toss
With every tear you drop

These are the ways, we try to hold on

I've seen good men fall
Has our love grown cold
Do you yearn for truth
Or are you a dying stone

These are the ways, we must fight against

The devil plays dirty games
Always speaking lies
But his time will come
When evil shall subside

There will come a day, when Jesus reigns
There will come a day, but now there's war
Track Name: The Cold Dark World (Live)
I've seen your sorrow
Your life changed oh so fast
How the hour is born
To perish and not return

Youth comes and it goes
Bittersweet as it's lost
There's a weight on everyone
As hardship presses on

This world is so cold
Especially for the poor
And people ignore
The ones who suffer

I see my king
Riding on a white horse
There's a trail of fire
To rescue all of the poor

Blessed are you who weep
Blessed are you in suffering
Blessed are you who make peace
Those of you who call on the Lord
Track Name: Twisted Branches
Twisted Branches
We are all the same
Stuck inside ourselves
Rooted in the thorns

Are we walking dead
Wandering wastelands
My soul is cast down
Fear grips all around all around all around

Twisted Branches
Let's break out of this
Living water calls
Us to a new life

I'm not dead, I can breathe
I'm full of hope, and dreams
One day, the world shall pass
His word, forever lasts, ever lasts, ever lasts

Run with me to promised lands
The thorns do chase at night
You can't stop the plan of the one I love
He's got a fire that will burn away

Run with me to promised lands
We'll get there very soon
You can't stop the plan of the one I love
The thorns and the snakes shall burn away

Twisted Branches
Let's break out of this